Center News

Visit the institutional correction overall team of the Center

Institutional Correction overall team record for quality management visit the Center and met all of Dr.Sumaya Hassan Abdel Rahim  recorder Faculty of Languages and Translation and Dr. Nagi Obaid Naeem

Beginning Of The Study

Yesterday started all Saturday 07/01/2017 in the study of Languages and Translation Center and according to schedule her

University News

University Holds a Symposium on Opening Borders between Sudan & South Sudan

University of Bahri held an academic symposium on Thursday 18/20/2016 titled “Motives & Consequences of Opening Borders between Sudan & South Sudan”at Al Zubair Mohammed Salih’s international centre for conferences,

University Signs a Number of Executive Action Plans with GANSU Agricultural University-China

Within the context of strengthening global ties and creating valuable partnerships, a delegation from University of Bahri has paid a visit to GANSU Agricultural University- China,basing on the signed memorandum