Director: Elzein Adam Idris PHD. in Forest Management(Juba) Deputy Director: Algazzafi Mohmed Hassan PHD holder in Accounting & Finance (Bahri) Registrar: Entisar Mohamed Mahmoud MSC. FRo-asian studies (Khartoum)    


The Center for Human Resources Development and Continual Education at University of Bahri; is a continuation to that of former Juba University center. The focus of the center is on developing the most superior workforce via classroom training, workshops, Symposium,

mission& vission

Vision & Mission

The mission: To offer life-long learning opportunities, and extend the resources of the University and contribute to the professional and economic development. The vision: The center aspires to become a center of excellence in providing quality education and training in a variety of

Values and Principles


values ​​and principles: The Center is committed to the following values ​​and principles: a. creativity and innovation B. teamwork C. Honesty and transparency Objectives: The Center seeks to activate the role of the University in the service of society by working towards achieving the following objectives: a.


Graduation of the First Patch of University of Bahri’s Kindergarten Kids

Cooperation Agreement between University of Bahri and Campus France

The University of Bahri has signed a cooperation agreement with Campus France Organization on scientific, humanitarian and training research under the auspices of Embassy of France in Sudan.     Michelle Roi, the cultural attaché in Sudan, when meeting the university’s vice-chancellor, confirmed