وزارة العدل7

(العربية) زيارة إدارة المركز لإدارة التدريب بوزارة العدل

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New books at the Center’s library

In the framework of joint cooperation between units of university . the Deanship of Libraries Supplied library of Center for distnce Education by several books in various disciplines, the director of Center for distnce Education to

طلاب اليمن

Treatment of Yemeni students as Sudanese students

In accordance Decision mr. president of the Republic, treatment of the Yemen students were unified treatment of Sudanese students and provide them with the opportunity to complete university education and higher studies, it has been the acceptance of


Opening Ceremony of University of Bahri’s Publication Unit

Investment Directorate, in collaboration with Libraries’ Deanship, University of Bahri, has opened the publication unit in Alkadro Complex with the presence of Prof. Ayoub Adam Mohammed Khalil, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Salim Jibreel Ahmed, Secretary of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mubarak Shareef,