Curriculum Vitae

– Preparing a C.V.:

How to write a C.V.:

Writing a good C.V. plays a great role in finding a better job offer. Newly

graduates may often don’t know how who to write it properly. It is why

college of engineering and other colleges seek to raise awareness on this

issue. The importance of writing a good C.V. is represented in the following:

First: your C.V. is the tool by which you are introduced to the others. So, it

is important to include all your personal details in it such as:

– Personal information

– Education/ qualification

– work experiences.

– spoken languages.

– Additional information.

Another sections may also be added like training, personal skills, researches

and publications. In the U.S., they prefer writing a section at the beginning

of the C.V., referring to the desired position i.e. a job of telecommunications


Second: it is better to start your C.V. with your name, Telephone number

and email. In this case, your personal history should include your

nationality, date of birth, sex, marital status and religion if wanted. If you do

not make your name as the main title of your C.V., you may add it in

addition to the telephone number and email to the personal history.

It is preferred that attaching a photograph is made upon request. In some

foreign countries, there is no section for personal data because they consider

it irrelevant to hiring processes. If you log into some English websites, note

that this does not apply on you.

Third: include your last obtained academic study / degree/ qualification, you

should specify the name of university, date of obtaining the degree as written

in the certificate, beginning and ending date of your study and your

specialization or major.