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Alumni Affairs Unit:

Within the establishment of University of Bahri in July 2011, which embraced a number of professors, employees and Northern students at the former Southern universities; Juba, Upper Nile, Bahr El-Ghazal and Rumbeik, an urgent need has risen to help them throughout the association of Southern universities graduates. The association was established at University of Bahri under the title (the correlation committee of the former Southern universities), and approved by the university board. The committee was headed by Mr. Adel Sharif Ahmed Khatir, Mr. Zain Alabideen Hassan Mahjoub as a committee member and representative of University of Juba’s graduates, Dr. Awad Allah Ibrahim Ahmed as a committee member and rapporteur, Dr. Yasir Ali Al-Mufti as a member and Mr. Wael Awad Marjan as a member. The committee has organized Ramadan Iftar at the green yard on Wednesday 31.7.2013, where all Southern universities graduates were invited. The committee has also managed to contact a number of graduates by making telephone calls and sending text messages.it has also held a number of meetings at the alumni unit- University of Khartoum to enclose all the graduates in a unified body.

The former unit was later dissolved, where a new one was established according to regulatory framework of the directorate of cultural relations and information, it was agreed upon at the university board meeting in May 21st 2013, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Mohammed Hamad was assigned to follow up the unit establishment in August 14th 2014.

Alumni Affairs Unit

Historical Background: The alumni unit was established and emerged from the section of cultural relation and information, and was approved by the university board meeting in May 21st 2013. Later, the unit was actually came into existence in August 14th 2014 to form an organizational body, and to help building and reinforcing trust among the graduates. The unit aims to achieve the following:

  1. Strengthening the relationships among the graduates, and to benefit from their experiences in developing the academic action plans according to the needs of labor market.
  2. Making studies about the numbers of graduates, finding about the employment percentage (governmental or private sectors) and providing results to the concerned authorities.
  3. Encouraging graduates’ creative initiatives in all the academic and research fields.
  4. Keeping contact with companies and different institutions, and providing consulting services to the graduates in finding better job offers.
  5. Developing graduates’ skills throughout training opportunities, which will help them to find good offers and support the university.
  6. Encouraging cooperation between the alumni unit and the other university bodies in campus and outside.
  7. Publishing a directory for the university graduates and the coordinative employment agencies with the latest vacancies.The unit has achieved the following:
    1. Designing and publishing graduates’ data form (books file).
    2. Carrying out graduates’ data- entry according to their colleges and specialties to facilitate communication.

    3. Supervision of alumni webpage designing, supported with an e-mail address to facilitate communication and filling up the attached graduates’ form on the university website