Objectives Objectives 1/ To prepare graduates and researchers well equipped with knowledge, skills, who have the ability to keep abreast of development, in the field of agriculture, qualified for job market, able to compete locally and internationally scientific research and community services,


Background Background The Sudan is predominantly an agricultural country and agriculture is the main stay of its economy. To become a bread basket of Middle East, it must get use from its highly potential resources. The present College of Agriculture is the

Dean‘s Message

Dean‘s Message Dear Visitors: We are pleased to welcome you to the corridors of our website page, a niche through which we look at the world, communication with, make our College known, and supply you with its contents. At this, your contributions of


Administration Dean  College  D. Zeinab Abdullahi Yussif Deputy Dean  D. Faiza Mohammed Abdelmagid Head of Agricultural Economics Department D. Khalid Salih Mohammed Musa Head of Crop Science Department D. Baha edin Mohammed Idriss Head of Horticulture Department D. Haithem Elsheigh Mohamed Ahmed Head of Pests and Plant Health D. Rashida Mohammed Ahmed


Crop Science

Head of Depatment\ Dr. Baha edin Mohammed Idriss Introduction Sudan has vast agricultural lands distributed all over the different regions. The majority of the Sudanese people are making livelihood through producing edible and industrial crops. The export of these crops directly support