A student with two or three-year diploma certificate can be up-graded to the
level of bachelor degree provided that the student had obtained the grade pass
in seven subjects in his/her Secondary Leaving Certificate (SLC). It is also
mandatory that his/her performance is characterized by distinction and that
he/she meets the requirements of the respective college according to the
following steps:
1. Only technical diplomas of 2 and/or 3 years shall be eligible for upgrading.
2. The applicant’s Secondary Leaving Certificate must fulfill all the
general conditions qualifying for the study of Bachelor degree in
Sudanese Universities.
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
3. Holders of Technical Diploma with Distinction or Class One shall not
require a job experience for up-grading.
4. Holders of Technical Diploma with very good or Class Two Division
One shall require two years job experience in their field for up-grading.
5. Holders of Technical Diploma with Good or Class Two Division Two
shall require four years job experience in their field for up-grading.
6. Holders of Technical Diploma with Pass or Class Three shall require
five years job experience in their field for up-grading.
7. All regulations adopted in the academic year shall apply to the upgrading
students accepted in that year.
8. Results of the up-grading students in the courses studied in other
educational institutions shall be accepted only if those correspond to
courses of University of Bahri with respect to contents and credit hours.
9. Following the endorsement of the courses, the grades shall be converted
to points for computation of the final CGPA for graduation.
10. Final CGPA for graduation shall be calculated in the courses taken after
up-grading 60% and that before (technical diploma) 40%, if the student
has been admitted in the third year.
a. Applicant should fill the application form and attach the following
– Secondary school certificate
– Two recent photographs
– National Number certificate
– Valid identity card
b. Application shall be scrutinized by the Secretariat for Academic
c. Applications forms and attached document shall be sent to the General
Administration for Admission for finalization of admission
d. Students registration at the University pends the endorsement of the
General Administration for Admission.