Registration of Students

The Secretariat for Academic Affairs (SSA) supervises the registration of students in collaboration with the colleges and centres. The Secretariat announces the starting date and deadline for registration. All procedures for registration are completed in the respective colleges according to the following sequence of steps for each category of students. Registration of Fresh Students The procedures

Nullification of Admission

The admission of any student may be nullified any time following the declaration of results if: 1. It turns out that the admission of the student did not conform to the regulations for admission. 2. It turns out that the student has provided incorrect information or incomplete or faked documents.


Regulations: a. Resignation procedures for first year students who have neither be interviewed nor registered shall be done at the Academic Secretariat upon consent of the student`s sponsor. b. Any student may apply for resignation from the university without completing registration procedures for the respective academic year. c. A student applying for resignation from the university after

Cheating Cases during examination

A student violating any instruction described under point 6 to point 9 and/or committed any other action, which in the opinion of the invigilator is unfair means, is considered an attempt for cheating. In such condition the following procedure should be followed: a. The student shall be allowed to complete the examination after the material

Instructions to Studentsinside the Examination Hall

Students should strictly adhere to the following: 1. Students are advised to be inside the examination hall ten minutes before the start of the examinations. 2. No student shall be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minutes from the start of the examination. 3. A student who enters the examination hall late, but within

Absence from Final Examinations

A student absent from the final examinations of a whole semester without an acceptable reason shall be discontinued. In case of an absence from one or more examinations for acceptable reasons, he/she shall be allowed to sit for substitute examinations, otherwise, the student shall be considered absent and required to sit for a supplementary. 2. A

Amendment of a Student’s Name

A student whose name is wrongly cited in the Sudan School Certificate must see to it that he/she has his/her name corrected by referring to the Directorate- General of Examination with the supporting legal documents. A student who has his/her name amended without following the above procedure will not later have his/her university degree

Index Number

The national code number designates the number of the admission application form for which a student was nominated to a college in the University of Bahri. Every student shall confirm his/her national number at the Administration of General Admission and Certificate Authentication to guarantee the future authentication of his/her degree by the Ministries of

Freeze of Registration

Regulations: a. Freeze of registration may be allowed after completion of registration formalities, and during a period of time not exceeding three weeks as of the beginning of registration. b. The Academic Secretariat may freeze the registration of a student for the respective academic year after the lapse of the time set for freeze of registration,