Academic Affairs Message

With all warm-heartedness, I would like to welcome the students of Batch Sixto the University of Bahri, who came all the way down from various parts of Sudan, and some sisterly countries, for the noble sake of receiving knowledge from the University of Quality and Excellence in their quest for

Brief about admission and Registration

This section checks and receives the nomination lists of students from the National Bureau of Admission, supervises students’ registration, disseminates students’ lists to their related colleges and centres; besides, it supervises the admission for Diploma Degrees, upgrading to B.A Degrees and Distance Education for all the colleges and centres of the University.


In pursuit of its vision and mission, the University of Bahri is committed to and guided by the following values: 1. Fostering a spirit of citizenship and belongingness 2. Respect for and appreciation of diversity 3. Credibility and transparency 4. Freedom and responsibility 5. Commitment to quality standards 6. Environmental awareness


In addition to its transitional objectives, including the adjustment of the status of Northern Sudanese employees of the former Southern Sudanese universities, and the objectives provided for by the University Act, the University seeks to attain the following objectives: a. 00Enabling students to achieve high quality professional objec- 00tives. b. 00Motivating students to adopt and apply

Vision and Mission

Vision Pioneer and eminent academic institution of higher education in, learning, scientific research and community service in accordance with quality standards. Mission Provision of quality education through advanced academic programs and innovative scientific research to meet community needs and aspirations and to cope with ever-changing world of today.Vision Pioneer and eminent academic institution of higher education in,