Exemption from tuition Fees

Some students nominated for admission for the Bachelor degree may be exempted from the prescribed fees, provided that they submit the respective supporting documents to the concerned committee, in accordance with the following b. Categories of students illegible for exemption from tuition fees , yet required to pay full registration fees include:  Sons and daughters

Tuition fees for Private Intake

Students admitted as private students should pay the prescribed fees for the college or department as indicated in Table (1).  Dababeen (Commands of People`s Defense Forces) and Mujahedeen who have taken part in one or two mobilization campaigns in operation areas shall be exempted from tuition fees, if they score grades qualifying them for

Tuition fees of Sons and daughters of parents` working abroad

Sons and daughters of parents` working abroad shall pay tuition fees in hard currency in accordance with rates set by Ministerial Decree No. (26) 1999, with exception to case to be decided by the University Vice-Chancellor.     Groups A, B, C (A)= Colleges of, Medicine, Petroleum geology and Minerals, Public and Environmental and Certificate Authentication Health,

Study Fees

They are set by the Fees Committee at different colleges/centers. Fees set by the respective Fees Committee shall remain as they are, unchanged till the respective student receives the respective degree, with exception to cases of dismissal or re-registration, where study fees shall be set in accordance with the University regulations.

Registration and ID fees

they are set by the Dean’s board. Such fees are standards for all the university colleges’. However, they may be amended whenever, deemed necessary by the Dean’s board.