With all warm-heartedness, I would like to welcome the students of Batch Sixto the University of Bahri, who came all the way down from various parts of Sudan, and some sisterly countries, for the noble sake of receiving knowledge from the University of Quality and Excellence in their quest for being outstanding. In order to make their university life rich and happy, our sons and daughters, the students are kindly requested to exert utmost effort, and persistently work hard towards building their intellectual and scientific capacity through continuous knowledge seeking, making use of the vast diversity of resources provided by the university and devoting it for the good of their homeland. The University of Bahri, at this point of time includes 19 colleges, and 3 specialized centers, in addition to Scientific Research Deanship, and an administration for Quality and Development. Most of the University colleges are located at the main campus at ElKaddaro ,Khartoum North locality. It occupies a space of 130 Fedans. The main campus accommodates 11 colleges including: The College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, the College of Animal Production, the College of Agriculture, the College of Education, the College of Law, the College of Applied and Industrial Science, the College of Social and Economic Studies, the College of Engineering and Architecture, the College of Community Studies and Rural Development , the College of Petroleum Geology and Minerals and the College of Management Sciences, in addition to investment and experimental farms . The main campus also includes several deanships and administrations that are directly related to students, namely: Secretariat for Academic Affairs,Deanship of Students` Affairs, Central Library, Administration of Health Services, Financial Administration, and Administration of Services. The College of Veterinary Medicine lies at Kaddaro , the College of Humanities lies to the West of Khartoum North main railway station , while the other colleges and centers of the University are located at various compounds and premises , including : (1) Khartoum 3Compound where the College of Medicine is located (2) RemailaCompound which accommodates the College of Public and Environmental Health and the College of Nursing (3) Duyoum Shargia Compound overlooking St.55 Amarat where College of Computer Sciences and Centre for Distance Learning are situated (4) Compound of St.53 Amaratwhere The Graduate College,College of Languages and Translation, Centre for Peace and Development Studies, and Deanship of Scientific Research are situated , (5) Sehafa
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
District Compound which accommodates The Centre for Human Resources Development and continual education . This is the fifth edition of Student Prospectus (guide), published to familiarize new students with the University and to get them acquainted with the role they are expected to play during the march of their University life. This prospectus briefly touches on the profile of the University, its history, colleges, administrative structure, rules and regulations pertaining to admission and registration, awarding of degrees, in addition to Student Disciplinary Regulations. This prospectus also shows the academic calendar for the academic year 2016-2017. Hence, students are strongly advised to get acquainted with this guide and abide by its contents, so that they can achieve their aspired goals in terms of fruitful knowledge and academic acquisition. May I take this opportunity, to congratulate the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ayoub Adam Mohammed Khalil and his deputy Dr. Abdu Ellah Kunna on the commencement of the new academic year, asking God to support them in their tireless efforts to lead the University till be among pioneer universities. Finally, I pass my heartfelt wishes to all members of the University of Bahri Community and ask God to give them wisdom to recognize and shoulder their sacred responsibility towards the university and realize it motto, everyone in his/her field of specialty. My Allah Destine Us all to Success
Prof. Salim Gibril Ahmed
Academic Secretary