Admission of University Degree Holders

It refers to the admission of Bachelor degree holders for another
Bachelor program in a class higher than first year, provided that the
number of candidates so admitted shall not exceed 10% of the number
of candidates planned to be admitted for the respective college.
– Bachelor degree holders may be admitted for a class higher than first
year as private students liable for full tuition fees, provided that they
meet the minimum conditions required for admission for the respective
college in the respective academic year.
– Bachelor degree holders, with minimum very Good grade may be
admitted in accordance with the following procedures:
a. Relevant documents are submitted to the Academic
Secretariat which shall refer them to the concerned
college/department for recommendation thereon.
b. If recommended to be approved, documents shall be
referred by the Academic Secretariat to the General
administration for Admission for completion of
admission formalities.
c. The General administration for Admission shall approve
admission formalities by assigning the concerned
candidate a university code number.
d. A candidate shall be registered only after approval by the
General administration for Admission