Registration of Students

The Secretariat for Academic Affairs (SSA) supervises the registration of
students in collaboration with the colleges and centres. The Secretariat
announces the starting date and deadline for registration. All procedures for
registration are completed in the respective colleges according to the
following sequence of steps for each category of students.
Registration of Fresh Students
The procedures for registration of first year students are as listed below:
1. Medical checkup.
2. Obtaining the registration form from the Registrar.
3. Appearing before the Interview Committee and having the tuition fees
4. Payment of fees at the bank.
5. Signing an academic undertaking before the officer from the Student
6. If student is sponsored by a certain agency, the sponsor’s name should
be stated in the form.
7. The completed form has to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office
together with two photographs for the ID card.
8. A student is given an enrollment certificate on completing the above
procedures and a copy of the student guide.
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
9. Taking note of courses offered in each semester from the Head of the
Departments or the Registrar.
10. The ID card will be provided to each registered student at the start of the
Registration of senior classes
Registration for senior classes follows the sequence from step 2 to 10 above.
Registration Period for different semesters
Before the end of an academic year, the date for registration in the subsequent
year is announced according to the directives of the Senate. The registration
period which is stated in the annual calendar, spans two weeks in the beginning
of each new academic year.
Delayed Registration
A student who fails to register during the specified time and delays by a
maximum period of one week will be allowed to register only after the
payment of a decided fine of money. Delay for more than a week will result
in the rejection of registration for that semester.