Freeze of Registration

a. Freeze of registration may be allowed after completion of registration
formalities, and during a period of time not exceeding three weeks as
of the beginning of registration.
b. The Academic Secretariat may freeze the registration of a student for
the respective academic year after the lapse of the time set for freeze
of registration, in exceptional case.
c. The maximum period for freeze of registration shall be two academic
years for the total student`s university study years.
d. Freeze of registration during first year may only be allowed in
exceptional case and for force majeure in pursuance with
recommendation by the College Board and approval by the Academic
(2) Procedures:
a. A student desiring to freeze registration shall fill-in the relevant form
after paying fees set for freeze of registration, then hands over the
respective documents to the administration of the concerned college.
b. The Board of the concerned college shall clearly spell out it
recommendation on the freeze and its duration.
c. If the application for freeze of registration is submitted during the
specified period, the recommendation of the concerned college
thereon shall be conclusive, and the Academic Secretariat shall be
notified thereof .
d. If the concerned College Board recommends freeze of registration
after the lapse of period specified for applying for freeze, the
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
application shall be referred to the Academic Secretariat for final
decision thereon.
e. A student is allowed to quit classes only after receiving a written
notification from the Academic Secretariat approving freeze of
f. The concerned college administration must notify the Academic
Secretariat about the expiry of the respective student`s period of
registration freeze, as well as whether he/she re-registered to resume
study, or otherwise.
g. Upon expiry of freeze period, a student shall immediately start
registration formalities and pays full registration fees, in addition to
the remaining part of tuition fees due before freeze of registration,
if any.