National intake

This type of admission is organized by the General administration for
Admission, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on
completion of admission applications by all candidates. The UBA obtains the
grades of students coming through the national pool from the Ministry of
Education. Other candidates with foreign credentials have to produce original
copies authenticated by the authorities of the country of origin and the
Sudanese embassy therein. To be eligible for admission the student should
have obtained his certificate in the same year for which he is applying.
Admission is based on merit and after selection the lists of the eligible
candidates are delivered to the Secretariat for Academic Affairs (SAA) in the
respective universities. The SAA then distributes the list to various colleges.
Admission in a class higher than first Year
It refers to admission of candidates for the University of Bahri in a class higher
than first year by way of upgrading and transfer from another university, or
any other form of admission.