Tuition fees for Private Intake

Students admitted as private students should pay the prescribed fees
for the college or department as indicated in Table (1).
 Dababeen (Commands of People`s Defense Forces) and Mujahedeen
who have taken part in one or two mobilization campaigns in operation
areas shall be exempted from tuition fees, if they score grades
qualifying them for admission as private students as set by the General
Administration for Admission, and after submitting evaluated and
authenticated certificates.
 Sons, daughters and spouses of employees of the Ministry of Higher
Education and Scientific Research shall be required to pay 25% of the
total tuition fees paid by private students in accordance with
Ministerial Decree No. (4) 1999.
 Sons, daughters and spouses of employees of the University of Bahri
shall pay the minimum rate of tuition fees prescribed for general
admission in accordance with the Decree of the Chairperson of the
Senate No. (397/397A) 2012/141/ 2012).
 Tuition fees for private intake should not be discounted pursuant to
Decree of the Council for Higher Education No. (14) 1995. In case of
failure to pay fees, registration of such and Certificate Authentication
student shall be suspended, and his/her documents referred back to the
General Administration for Admission and Certificate Authentication.