a. Resignation procedures for first year students who have neither
be interviewed nor registered shall be done at the Academic
Secretariat upon consent of the student`s sponsor.
b. Any student may apply for resignation from the university
without completing registration procedures for the respective
academic year.
c. A student applying for resignation from the university after the
lapse of the period specified for resignation shall not have the
right to reimburse tuition, nor registration fees.
(2) Procedures:
a. A student desiring to resign shall fill-in the relevant form.
b. The concerned college shall verify the reasons for the
concerned student`s resignation, review his/her academic
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
status, and refer its recommendation thereon to the Academic
c. The Academic Secretariat shall send a letter pertaining to the
resignation to the Administration of General Admission and
Certificate Authentication of the Ministry of Higher Education
and Scientific Research, with a copy of the same to the
Students Deanship, the University Warden Administration and
to the concerned resigning student.