Exemption from tuition Fees

Some students nominated for admission for the Bachelor degree may
be exempted from the prescribed fees, provided that they submit the
respective supporting documents to the concerned committee, in
accordance with the following
b. Categories of students illegible for exemption from tuition fees ,
yet required to pay full registration fees include:
 Sons and daughters of Higher Education employees in
accordance with a set of conditions. This exemption shall not
apply to students applying for post-graduate, extramural studies,
part-time students, nor to those applying for diplomas, pursuant
to the Decree of the Council for Higher Education No. (14) 1995.
 Sons and daughters of martyrs.
 Students with special needs.
c. Categories of applicants for exemption whose cases are to be
considered after showing supporting documents:
 Orphan female students
 Sons and daughters of pensioners
University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017
 Brothers and sisters in the university or in other public