The Cultural Symposium of the 2nd Graduation Festival in Khidir Bashir Theatre

In its graduation festival’s accompanying programs, University of Bahri ran a big Cultural Symposium which was titled as (Standard and Dialectic Poetry in Sudan). Participation was shared by “ReehtAlbun” group, Poetry House, an elite of standard poetry’s poets and Abubakr Seed Ahmed, a popularly admired singer and winner of Songs Birthday Award.

On the one hand, Mr. Abu Aagla Idris, a writer and a critic who is thought to be one of the establishers of Abdullah Altayeeb’s Symposium, has brainstormed some sounds in Sudanese poetry. This symposium is a part of the big symposium run in Khidir Bashir theatre, under the motto of the 2nd Graduation Festival “Knowledge candles and development pillars” and under the auspices of His Excellence Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Albashir, the president of the Sudan. Mr. Idris has also stressed that Sudanese poets have great contributions in the society with a diversity through which many different issued can be discussed as well as spotting the light on these issues with the purpose of raising and spreading awareness in order to come to solutions that might, directly or indirectly, contribute to initiate moving forward towards civilization and promotion.

On the other hand, “Reeht Albun” group presented a big number of various poems that varied from standard to dialectic poetry. These poems appealed to the audience and met by acceptance and big interaction. In addition, Dr. Mohammed Abd Alwahid, during his poetic recite session, has presented a poem called “I don’t admire her, and my ears don’t love mentioning her” along with other poems from Poetry House presented by Mr. Abubakr Algineed Younis, Mr. Alhasan Abd Alaziz and Mr. Alwathig Mohammed Hamid.

In the same context which is full of glee, art and poetry, singer Abubakr Seed Ahmed sang national and enthusiastic songs that the audience found to be nice and reacted to them.