Opening Ceremony of University of Bahri’s Publication Unit

Investment Directorate, in collaboration with Libraries’ Deanship, University of Bahri, has opened the publication unit in Alkadro Complex with the presence of Prof. Ayoub Adam Mohammed Khalil, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Salim Jibreel Ahmed, Secretary of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mubarak Shareef, Director of Investment Directorate, Dr. Abdullah Adam Suliman, Dean of Libraries Deanship, and a number of faculties’ deans and centres’ directors. It is worth mentioning that the publications unit includes a thermal fingerprint machine for binding books, a coloured and black and white photocopier, a copying machine, a thermal binding machine for binding all books and files.

Prof. Ayoub thanked the Libraries’ Directorate for the great effort they made in establishing the unit. He also stressed that the unit will play a great role in developing the university and will contribute in increasing the university’s revenues. Moreover, he explained that next February will witness the inauguration of the university’s main library. He then urged faculties’ deans and centres’ directorates to flow the unit with ideas and opinions to benefit from it and rely on it in terms of the university’s publications.

In the same context, Dr. Mubarak Shareef, Director of Investment Directorate, said that the unit satisfies the service needs of both the university and the students with low fees. Furthermore, he confirmed that the Investment Directorate will work on bringing much modern machinery at the following stage so that the university reaches a productive university level.

On the other hand, Dr. Abdullah Adam Suliman, Dean of Libraries, welcomed the guests and thanked them for their attendance of the opening ceremony of the publication unit. He indicated that the unit had begun by the services’ side in addition to restoring old books. He committed to the audience that the publication house will meet all the university’s publication and printing needs.