Conclusion of Scientific Paper Writing Training Session – University of Bahri

The Training Department of the Scientific Research Deanship in University of Bahri organized the 7th training session of writing and publishing scientific papers. The session targeted 30 male and female lecturers of the university’s staff in order to introduce the requirements of preparing scientific papers in addition to developing skills of how to present and publish them.

Dr. Abdel Illah Kuna, the deputy vice-chancellor, praised during his speech to the trainees the efforts paid by the deanship of scientific research in serving and promoting research.

On his turn, Dr. Abdul Rafee Makhawi, dean of scientific research, thanked the attendees for the effective participation during the days of the session. Then he stressed his faculty’s intention to organize many similar sessions after moving the deanship to its new headquarters in faculties’ complex, Alkadro.

In the same context, Dr. Asia Abdullah Saeed, head of the training department of the deanship, explained that the session was delivered by several trainers from inside and outside the university, and witnessed distinctive attendance illustrated in the participation of twenty-four male and female lecturers from about 16 different colleges.