Examination Rule

Examination Rule

Students should strictly adhere to the following:-

  1. Students are advised to be inside the examination hall ten minutes before the start of the examinations.
    2. No student shall be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minutes from the start of the examination.
    3. A student who enters the examination hall late, but within the time indicated under Point 2, should not be allowed extra time.
    4. No student shall be allowed to leave the examination hall until half of the time scheduled for the examination has elapsed.
    5. A student who leaves the examination hall s during the examination session shall not be readmitted unless, throughout the period of his/her absence, he/she has been continuously under the observation of an invigilator or an authorised person.
    6. A student should bring all that might be needed for the particular examination. No lending or borrowing is allowed.
    7. No student shall be allowed to possess, receive or use any printed or written documents, illustrations, mobile phones, digital devices or any other unauthorised aids in the examination hall.
    8. A student shall stop writing when instructed to do so.
    9. A student should not indulge in conversation, or in any mean of communication with other students.
    10. A student must not, directly or indirectly, give or receive assistance to or from any other student.
    11. A student sitting for examination shall display his/her University identity card during the examination period.
    12. A Student should write his/her name and the University identity card number on the answer script and question paper immediately after receiving them.
    13. A Student must confirm his/her attendance in the relevant sheet by signing against their names.
    14. A student should remain seated until the invigilators collect the examination scripts and sign against his/her name before leaving the examination hall.
    15. No student is allowed to smoke, take snuff, eat, drink, chew or request any refreshment other than fresh water provided in the examination hall.
    16. A student who leaves the examination hall after handing over his/her answer script should not get involved in any action as to disturb and/or 50 University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2016/2017 50 give assistance to students inside the examination hall.
    17. A student should comply with all instructions given by the invigilator without questioning or objecting and must maintain a respectful approach towards invigilators.
    18. If the Senate is convinced that a student has committed a breach of one or more of these examination instructions, he/she shall be deemed to have committed an offence.


Absence from Final Examinations

  1. A student absent from the final examinations of a whole semester without an acceptable reason shall be discontinued. In case of an absence from one or more examinations for acceptable reasons, he/she shall be allowed to sit for substitute examinations, otherwise, the student shall be considered absent and required to sit for a supplementary.
  • A student absent from any examination component of a course composed of more than one (written, practical, oral, etc.), with acceptable reasons shall sit for a substitute for that particular component; otherwise, he/she shall sit for a supplementary for the whole course.
  • A student who fails to submit his/her dissertation on or before the end of the final examination with acceptable reasons, he/she shall be asked to submit the dissertation before the end of the following substitute/supplementary examinations, otherwise the case shall be treated as a supplementary.
  1. Application submitted for cases described under point 1 to point 3 shall not be accepted after the elapse of one week from the end of the examinations.
  • A final year student failing a single substitute or supplementary examination may be given viva examinations to clear the failed course provided that such course is not a carry over. A student failing more than one substitute or supplementary examination shall be given the chance to resit these examinations upon payment of prescribed fees. Such fees shall be doubled each time the student applied for re-sitting the same examination.

Cheating Cases during examination

A student violating any instruction described under point6 to point 9 and/or committed any other action, which in the opinion of the invigilator is unfair means, is considered an attempt for cheating. In such condition the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The student shall be allowed to complete the examination after the material evidence of such cheating has been documented and removed.
  2. The invigilator shall sign his/her examination script with a note and shall notify the chief invigilator who shall submit a report on the incident to the concerned college or centre examination officer.
  3. The examination officer shall immediately submit such cases to the chairperson of the college or centre board for constituting an investigation committee which shall be composed of:
    1. The deputy dean/director of the concerned college or centre as a chairperson.
    2. The examination officer of the concerned college or centre as a secretary.
  • One member of the teaching staff from the relevant department.
  1. The student shall be informed and given a maximum of one week from the last examination to present him/herself before the investigation committee. If such student failed to appear before the committee, he/she shall be treated as an absentee and the investigation shall continue.
  2. The report of the investigation committee on such cases shall be presented to the college or centre board, which shall recommend the penalty to the Senate. The penalty for a student found guilty of cheating shall include:


  1. Warning.
  2. Failing the subject.
  • Repeating the year.
  1. Suspension from the University for a period of up to two academic years.
  2. Dismissal from the University.
  3. Under no circumstances shall two penalties be combined for a single cheating case.

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Animal Breeding and reproductive technologies staff

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1.  Dr: HAYTHAM HAGO ABDELWAHID C.V Head of the Department
2.  Dr: Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah C.V Assistance Professor
3. Dr:Nada Mohammed Nour C.V Assistance Professor
4. Ms: Rana Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed C.V Lecture
5. Mr: Tarig Mohammed Badri Aru C.V  Lecturer

Animal Nutrition staff

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1.  Dr: Asia SanhouriAlriahSanhouri C.V  Head of the Department
2.  Dr: Mohammed Fatour Mohammed Fatour C.V Associate Professor
3. Dr: Hafiz Abdalla Mohamed Ali C.V Associate professor
4. Dr: Abu Bakr Omer Ismail Abdallah C.V  Assistance Professor
5.  Dr: AbdelrahimAbubakr Mohammed C.V Assistance Professor
6.  Mr: AbdalhaleemJaberBabour C.V  Lecturer
7. Ms: Nafisa Mohammed Abakr C.V  Lecturer

Dairy production staff

No Name C.V Admin Position
1. Dr: Hiba Mohammed Ismail C.V Head of Dairy Department
2.  Dr: Ismail Mohammed Al Fgir C.V  associate professor
3.  Dr: Rajaa Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed Edriss C.V  Lecturer’s Assistant
4.   Mr: Salah Ibrahim KhiderHussain C.V  Lecturer
5.  Mr: Shikheldein Adam Abduegadir C.V  Lecturer
6.  Ms: Hana Mohammed Adam Abdelmalik C.V  Lecturer
7. Ms: TemadorHamed Mohammed C.V Lecturer